WV Small Farm Center

Poster Session

Are you involved in an interesting project or in an area of work in agriculture and natural resources that you would like to discuss with or show to West Virginia Small Farm Conference attendees?

Why not present your work in our Conference Poster Session?

We are inviting researchers, graduate students, specialists and Extension educators to submit posters to be presented at the 2016 WV Small Farm Conference Celebration Dinner on Friday, February 26, 2016 in the Grand Hall North of the Charleston Civic Center as a new component of our event. The dinner begins at 6:00PM and will provide an opportunity to showcase your work.

Click Here to View the 2016 Poster Submissions


All topics associated with agriculture & natural resources are welcomed and encouraged. Please submit a brief summary for review by December 2nd. Posters will be reviewed to ensure a variety of research and outreach programs are represented.

Please provide the following details:
  • Title
  • List of authors
  • Brief summary (<200 words) of what your poster will feature
  • Indicate if your poster will require power

Please submit information to Lisa Lagana at llagana@mail.wvu.edu.

Authors of selected posters will be notified by December 10th to ensure enough time for any materials to be developed.

If your poster is selected: The author is responsible for ensuring that the prepared poster is in place by 6pm on Friday, February 26, 2016 and the author will need to be on hand to answer questions for at least 1 hour from 6-8pm, and preferably for the full session. Posters and materials will be moved to the lobby for display for the rest of the conference after the dinner. Posters can be collected before the end of the conference. Any leftover posters will be taken to the Small Farm Center in Morgantown after the conference and you can arrange for pickup. We will not return ship any posters.


  • Call for Posters Opens – Sept. 9, 2015
  • Call for Posters Closes – Dec. 2, 2015
  • Poster Displayed at the WVSFC – Feb. 25 to 27, 2016
  • Main Poster Session Q&A at the WVSFC – Friday, February 26, 2016


Designing Effective Poster Presentations By Robin Frost

Find WVU Extension Service research poster layouts here

Posters are a combination of content and appearance. The content must be interesting, professional, and appealing to a broad audience. The appearance of the posters should be attractive, with a combination of graphics, photographs, and text. The presenters of posters often make available to delegates handouts: leaflets containing more information, printed pamphlets, business cards, or other types of material for distribution, which might explain or promote the contents of the poster. It is important to bring reasonable quantities of these handouts, and note that free copying facilities are not provided.

Be ready to affix your poster to a display board. It must be simply tacked or taped or velcroed to the board provided for your space. Bring any supplies that you might need – tape, felt-tipped markers, tacks, etc.

Poster Display Sample

For questions or more information, please contact Lisa Lagana at llagana@mail.wvu.edu or (304)293-2715.