WV Small Farm Center

West Virginia Small Farm Conference

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11th Annual West Virginia Small Farm Conference

Charleston Civic Center, Charleston, W.Va.

February 26 – 28, 2015

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Goals for Conference

  • Unlock the potential of West Virginia small farms to produce food profitably.
  • Help small farms transition from commodity production to food production for community and local consumption.
  • Support West Virginia’s 22,000 small farms families by:

– Providing reliable, tested knowledge about current trends, needed skills, and latest production and operation information

– Building an understanding on how to develop a successful small farming enterprise.

  • Support and further develop West Virginia’s food system and local communities by encouraging local production, processing, wholesale & retail marketing, and consumption.

Last Year’s Conference by the Numbers

  • 10th annual
  • 450 Daily attendance – 650 estimated for 2015
  • 175 FFA Members attending
  • 36 FFA members who entered the Entrepreneurship contest
  • 145 actual classes 190 for this year
  • $25,000 amount farmers received at Winter Blues Farmers Market
  • 4,500 number of customers at Winter Blues Farmers Market
  • $30,000 amount paid to local farmers for food for the conference
  • 97% number of attendees who said they planned to attend next year!