WV Small Farm Center

About the Advocate

The Small Farm Advocate is a publication that is released twice yearly- once in February to debut at our Small Farm Conference, and once in early August to coincide with the State Fair. We have a readership of approximately 10,000 people. Articles are geared toward small farmers, and they share information on many topics, from gardening to pregnancy checking cows, from aquaculture to forest farming. The Advocate is distributed at every WV County Extension Office, stockyards, bull sales and conferences where fellow agriculturalists may gather. You may also find it online below.

Small Farm Advocate Winter 2016

Small Farm Advocate Summer 2015

Small Farm Advocate Winter 2013

Small Farm Advocate Summer 2012

Small Farm Advocate Winter 2012

Small Farm Advocate Summer 2011

Small Farm Advocate Winter 2011

Small Farm Advocate Summer 2010

While the Advocates are dated in relation to when they are published, the information in them doesn’t expire- be sure to look at the past issues as well, you’re likely to find something of interest!